Any ideas for summer fragrances?

Does anyone have ideas for summer fragrances? I'm looking for something light- it could be citrusy and/or a little green. Something fresh. I used to like Chanel Cristalle for summer, but no longer! Too sharp. Thanks!


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  • Grapefruit

    Yep. Guys are all about the food smells. I had a gf that used grapefruit scented body wash that made me want to lick her all over.

    • The ideas for fragrances are good, but I could do without the other inappropriate details. Not what I was asking at all.

    • Sorry. Guy's perspective, lol!

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  • You definitely need to go to your next store and search for some Escada perfumes :)
    They have a huge variety of fragrances, from a light and lovely smell to something really sweet and fruity.
    I couldn't even name you my favorite one because I have at least 5 that I would never give away again.

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