Agghh hair colour disaster!!! Please Help?

I previously had my hair coloured by an apprentice, who made a mistake and died it orange.
I waited 3 months to give it a break. Then yesterday, I went to a good hair dresser to fix it up.
Basically I want foils to lighten it up, foils that look good on pale skin, but with a little bit of my natural colour for some depth. More of a nice soft warm blonde, nothing too white, as I have brown eyes.
She wanted to put some semi permanent brown in it, to break up the orange, which made sense, but the brown she was suggesting was really dark, too dark. So I told her this, and asked if she could choose a brown closer in colour to my natural colour, which is like a warm light honey brown. But she disagreed, and said it would look really good, natural and would help cover the orange.
So she went ahead and did the foils.
It doesn't look good at all...
The brown is definitely too dark, and cool toned, with very thin blonde foils, that look too white blonde. The contrast is too strong, and it doesn't look good at all.
It doesn't flatter my white skin, it just makes me look washed out and dull, and it makes my eyes look beady and terrible!
And I have a wedding to go to next week!!
I don't want to put any other colours through my hair, as I don't want to damage it any more, (it's already looking a bit damaged).
I'm more interested in home remedies, or personal experiences.
I've heard of the vitamin C tablet and lemon juice remedies, but am afraid they may lighten the blonde more, or may fade the brown too much, and the orange may re-appear.
Has any one got any ideas at all? please let me know


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  • I'm a hairstylist and what she did to your hair doesn't sound pretty sorry hun :( but here's the thing. You're going to have to put more chemicals on your hair if you actually want it fixed. That being said, if you do this the right way it really won't do that much damage. What you need to do is get a color remover (sometimes called color strippers), this will take the dark brown out of your hair and get it back to orange. now what you need to do is get a blue-based toner and put that all over your hair. then you can get whichever color of brown you want and put that on after you rinse the toner out. You can get all these things at a sally beauty supply and I would recommend using 10 vol developer with the toner and 20 vol developer with the color. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you! I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try that yet though. Especially with the pending wedding. Doesn't colour stripper contain bleach?
      As my hair is looking seriously damaged :/.
      If the brown is a semi permanent, is there an easy way of fading it without really using chemicals, e.g. Just washing it multiple times?
      She also used a toner...maybe that's causing it to look darker?
      That was great advice though, thank you!

    • A color stripper does not contain bleach. If it's semi permanent then yes it will fade much faster than normal dye, but these "home remedies" aren't going to do much (believe me I've been there and tried everything lol). Another thing you could try doing is mixing a small amount of bleach with 10 vol developer and mixing that in with your shampoo, let it sit for like 20-30 minutes and that will fade it quite a bit

    • It actually already looks a little bit better today. I think there was a toner in it, and it has washed out a little, so it looks better than yesterday at least :).
      So hopefully it keeps improving, and if not, I'll give your suggestions a go! Thanks for your help :)

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  • Ok just go to the ethnic section and get a hair mask. Black people have the best hair products to fix your hair from breakage. Also honey and cinnamon lighten your hair a little bit too so put that in your hair every night and sleep on with a cap. It lightens your hair a shade or two

    • Thank you! Have you had similar experiences?

    • well yes i over processed my hair from dying it too much. And I just used to dye it a lot of different colors so some changes were extreme. I just learned products from the black people section at walmart work wonders. The thing though about some natural remedies is that they also damage your hair so yup.

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