Is it wrong to wear jordans in public?

Like to class, gym, when I'm playing ball, on the street walking to class, just as everyday shoes?

I'm talking about Jordan 1 Flight, not the official $300+ jordans.. these ones were like $80.

Will I look weird doing so? Just askin' cause my neighbor is black and plays for my university football team, and he has tons of friends who play on the basketball team and they've been giving me shit for it lol.

I'm white, about 5'10 lol

These ones:

https://www (dot)


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  • I don't know if anybody told you this

    but you can wear, aaaanything you'd want to wear.

    • i know but im just wondering why they giving me shit for it lol why do they care

    • You're not really a young adolescent so who knows.

      Can't you divert it with jokes? Maybe they're just pushing your buttons

  • I think jordans are ugly

  • They must be some cheesy ass Black dudes. Put it like this, more people wear them off the court than on the court.


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