Men, be honest, do you have breasts?

So it's Monday morning, hopefully you showered even if statistically 3/10 of you probably didn't and half of you would lie about it. If you did shower, and you were male, you probably washed your chest. When you did were there boobs? Or "moobs"? What cup size? Post anonymously; this is the stat that really matters. No matter how tall you there is no making up for size FF moobs.
  • I am a man. I have moobs.
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  • I am a man. I will not admit to having moobs.
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  • I am a man and I am proud of my moobs. They add character.
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  • I am a man and all of my partners have liked my moobs. Said they were cute.
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  • I am N/A, I.E. a flatchested man.
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  • I have double Ds. I lick my own titty from time to time

  • I love boobs haha. In fact ai train my breast muscles and I think it puts me out majestic. I got small boobs like A cup, no fat just muscles and I love it

  • I shower before I go bed, not in the morning, I just wash my face, no lie there. But I do a lot of chest exercises to prevent from having moobs, but naturally always had a wider chest area.

  • I have pecs, but I'm 3% body fat, so its all muscle.

  • I've got pecs that turn hoes'necks! ;)

  • I could definitely stand to lose 10 pounds. My noobs are that big...let's than a handful. Just the way I've always been, my natural build.

    • I totally understand. I didn't use to have moobs but as I grew up the sort of showed up and what's weird is that they are just an annoying layer on my massive hot pecks.

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