What do you look for in a girl?

I know it's been asked before but no one ever answers and I really want to know!


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  • For a serious relationship, I would say :

    She would have to have the qualities that would make her a good mother. Think about this "requirement", it says a lot; responsible person, emotionally mature, have good temper (who wants to marry a bitch who would abuse their kid the moment he is born?), good heart, can look after herself on her own, intelligent (despite the decades of arguements whether IQ is born or developed, or what mix it is, I would play safe when it comes to my kids --- once born, no refund... :) ), ...etc.

    Actually, I would say the same qualities would be what a girl who looks for a serious relationship for, in a guy. i.e. he would make a good father for her offsprings. Even if the couple decide against offsprings, these are good qualities to have; even when one is looking for a friend. I for one would make friends with anyone with these qualities, be it male or female.

    As for non-serious relationships, I suppose looks and figures are all that counts. The same factors a client of a prostitute would consider.


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  • "No one ever answers"? Your kidding right? There's a ton of these and they are filled with answers. But, nevertheless...

    Cute smile, the way she presents herself and dresses, and her personality.

  • as far as looks go, I look for a pretty face, most importantly the eyes. but a fun personality can be very attractive as well

  • Eyes


    the way she presents her self


    self respect


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