Men should never wear women's clothes, even if it does fit them better. It is just wrong!?

I see There's some few guys wearing women's clothes.

what do u think guys?

for me it's a crime to wear a woman's brand dress in a public.


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  • Well I wouldn't exaggerate and call it a crime, but it is a rather foolish thing to do. I mean I'm not used to it, and it just seems wrong, because a man wasn't built to wear that type of clothing. I mean it looks wrong, it feels wrong and it's just wrong in general. Same thing with guys that talk gay I mean it just sounds wrong. I have no problem with gays but that's only cause the generation is changing and more and more people are accepting all of a sudden, because they think it's true. Personally I'm just playing along cause they say it's a true feeling to be gay, and that it's not choice, it just is, but I don't by it personally because I myself am not. But I should take into consideration whether or not people really are, I mean just because I'm not doesn't mean others arnt. Well I hope I was of good use. :)

    • well said mate.Thanks, it's a very intelligent perspective.

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    • It's currently 4, lol my profile lyes under the name ADVISER-MAN

    • haha, Nice you recieved my MH before right? in my previous question?let's make a deal be my follower as u can see my profiles are very poor.

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  • It's fine with me, if it's fine with them. I find a guy in drag rather sexy anyway.

  • Pisses me off and makes me concerned for their balls and penis lol


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  • I'm a male that wears girl clothes 7 days a week I love all the different choices compared to men's clothes and I find girl clothes more comfortable then men clothes. I do have small boobs that fill a A cup bra and yes I wear a bra and panties 7 days a week this upcoming winter I plan to start my gender change I feel much more confident dressed in 100% girl clothes then guy clothes as well

  • Agreed men should never wear women's clothes ever.


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