My hair is driving me insane please help?

ok so my hair s a golden blonde colour, its dead straight and its an average thickness but is extremely long. as in its mid butt length. 80cm exactly. it is very hard to manage and is always in the way. but it looks so nice when i wear it out! i want to cut it but i'm always getting compliments on and people always seem amazed. i really love it but i don't know what to do. and lately i don't know why but it has a weird not very nice texture and is really hard to brush and my scalp has been dry and just sore all the time. i haven't switched shampoos or anything and i don't know why its doing this. it has some split ends and has been a general bitch to deal with. also i'm very superstitious and a fortune teller told me she sees big money and fame for me partially because of my hair and i shouldn't cut it. now i'm scared if i cut it i'll loose that potential fortune. eugh help.


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  • the weight from your hair may be tugging on your scalp causing the soreness, get an antiseptic cream like sudocreme and rub in on your scalp. itll be a but messy and you'll have to wash your hair after but itll help soothe your scalp which is the main thing.

    at the very least get those split ends cut off, they cannot be permanently mended with split end menders (the glue in those wear off after a couple of washes the you're right back to having splits), split ends travel up the hair shaft and flake off so you'll only be making them worse by ignoring them and itll seem like your hair isn't getting any longer.

    i think you should cut your hair to tail bone so you can't sit on it and its enough of a change for you without being too drastic, fortune tellers are bs to be honest. hair has nothing to do with fortune, its just a unique feature she picked up about you and she obviously saw how much you must care for your hair to grow it that long.


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  • Fortune tellers are pure BS, they tell you what you want to hear. I would go to a hair expert for their opinion.


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