Undergoing looks maintenance this week - what short hairstyle will look good on me?


I have a week off from school and I figured this is a good week to elevate my "game" and work on myself. I am planning on getting rid of the glasses and replace them with contacts. I am also planning on thinning out my eyebrows.

However, I don't know what short hairstyle will look good on me. I want an actual style. And by the way, that image was taken 3-4 weeks ago so my hair is quite longer now.
Also, if you can recommend me something that won't be so hard to maintain.

I am getting a haircut this week so that's why I am asking this.


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  • I wear contacts and you'll get used to them.The hassle is like 5 minutes.Pfff...And rubbing your eyes is bad anyways, so that's a good way to stop doing it.Seconly I'm not sure of you having short hair, I would asy something like this www.google.gr/search or that www.google.gr/search (sorry to put the WHOLE link in :P).And you can try leaving your beard grow (I'm not sure though, you'll see from the comments of the ones who'll see you ;) ) Remember everything is about style-A lot of people care more aout style than actuall looks.Personality beats them all... ;)


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  • https://men-haircut.com/top-men-short-hairstyles-2014/cool-men-short-hairstyles-2014/ My brother had this one for a while he liked it. Its cool. Workable. and low maintaince (and notice they man has thicker eye brows like you)


    • darn it wrong link for the first one. I'm try to fix it.

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    • Would that haircut look good with contacts and thinned out eyebrows?

    • The link I just put up would. the other is an idea site. because the man has thick eye brows and no glasses so the only thing laft is your face shape which I dont think would be a problem. but if your nervous ask your stylist hair. they (almost) always will to help its what make their job fun. :)

  • yes i agree on thinning the eyebrows out, brush them so they grow to the sides and not down too.

    i think you would look very nice with facial whiskers and thin side burns too, something like this guy has: hairstylenyc.com/.../...s-for-short-hair-guys.jpeg (his hair would also look good on you


  • The only thing I'd change a bit would the hair. Style them a little less static and a little more ruffled.

  • I say just get square frame / rectangle framed glasses! Not much to change my friend :)

  • Facial hair. Stubble would look great.


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