I bleached my hair and it sucks, can anyone give me advice?

Can anyone give me tips?

My hair is a natural dishwater dirty blondish light brown color. First I started getting highlights but I kept having her add more until I had so many blonde highlights that I just wanted to make all my hair blonde.

I had my hair bleached and it's just so puffy. Now I almost wish I could make it highlights again but I can't even undo the damage. Why is my hair so puffy?

I used to have keratin treatment done and iron or blow dry my hair regularly but now I don't so leaving it natural will make it more puffy anyway

Is it puffy from the bleach or because I stopped straightening it or a combination?


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  • It's likely puffy from the bleach. My hair used to get like that after I colored it with hair dye. It would also go poofy, frizzy and look like a mess. Your hair can be repaired by applying hair oil on it, giving it a weekly moisture mask (I love John Frieda's miraculous recovery intensive masque) and refraining from any heat and products that can dry it out. Switch to a sulfate free shampoo too if possible because sulfate just ends up drying out the hair even more if hair is damaged. Your hair should be able to get back to looking healthy soon. Usually my hair would be off for maybe a week after initially coloring it and then within a few washes the frizz would subside.

    • Thanks! The hair dresser said it's ok to iron once in a while but I don't want to. It's not the first time bleaching it and I think it's always puffy right after bleaching but it feels so gross. I think it takes about three days for the hair cuticles to close after coloring so it should get normal.

  • your hair is damaged from the bleach. use hair masks, deep condition, keep it moisturized, and stop doing stupid shit to your hair.

    • Why is bleaching "stupid shit" ? It's pretty much the only way most brunettes end up being able to go blonde. Very common procedure too. I wouldn't label it as stupid nor shit.

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    • There is no doubt that bleach destroys some of the nutrients in your hair because it removes some of the protein to get out the color. It only fries when you bleach too much and don't take care of it. It's like cooking -some amount of fire is fine but leave the food in the fire too long and it burns. My hair isn't destroyed, the top few inches are just frizzy.

    • being fried is the term almost every woman i've heard bleach her hair has used-for a reason. talk about your good bleach, you're here for a reason

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