How to get rid of acne scars without breaking the bank?

I have some acne scars on my back, chest and face from when I hit puberty and I would reaaaally like to know how to get rid of them because they make me so insecure. And don't suggest the dermatologist or any services they can offer, as a college student, I cannot afford any of the right now, sigh. My skin isn't oily or dry, more combination and I'm tannish "soft beige" is what they call it.

And has anyone tried that at-home lemon/yogurt/honey paste you can make? Does it work?

Any products that won't make my face oily? Like I said my skin is more combination.

Shoot, just any products, but no benzoyl peroxide, I'm allergic.


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  • I got acne scars maybe we can get married and not worry about them? LOL. Get some retin a go to the dermatologist.


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  • Honestly the best thing that worked for me and others I suggested to is rubbing alcohol..use overnight n the next day you'll see this every night before you go to bed...then in the mornings simply wash your face with a clean towel..when washing your face to dry the water dab don't rub it in


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  • Laser treatment or Retin-A are the only ones I know of

  • Tea tree oil and vitamin e.


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