I've got beauty spots on my body and face (i've got many) my friends say that its weird..but i've got them since i was a baby.what ya think?

my man really likes them and says he likes counting them and when i'm naked he counts them with kisses


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  • they can become cancerous, so just be careful

    • i know they might be cause of cancer if i develop a lot at the same time but i've got them since i'm baby

    • me too. im just saying, be careful

    • ok dude

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  • If you got beauty spots, then what can i say? Its cool. You can't do anything about it anyways. So, if you like it, then people's weird responses don't matter.

  • Need a pic to know for sure, but if a girl I like has unique coloration that's just part of what makes her look good.

    • love your profile pic fluffy dick! actually i don't have a pic with all my beauty spot or if so i should take a naked pic..oh dude!

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    • Yep. If you open the picture all the way you can see. He's wearing a collar and his hips are in the bottom left corner. They look kind of like a set of nads. :-)

    • awww yeah that's real..weird puppy

  • I got those too. been told it was cancerous, they were like von ricters disease, I just laughed


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