Is highlights more damaging than bleaching once?

I used to have highlights and I kept asking her to make them lighter so she overlapped bleach on the same piece.

Now I just bleach my roots at the salon. It seems like the top part of my hair which had only been bleached once and never highlighted, is a lot healthier than my ends, which are a mix of brown and blonde from my highlights.

Does this mean that as I cut my hair so the dark bottoms come out, and keep bleaching the roots and taking care of my hair, my hair will eventually be blonder and stronger?


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  • Not really, bleaching is really damaging. Your roots are new hair so one bleaching don't damage too much them but the end of your end went through a lot of chemical product, so it's way more damage. Don't bleach them for too long it won't be good for your hair.
    A friend has been bleaching her hair to dye them purple for four years. Her hair were a mess and two month ago it burnt her her, now she can't touch them for a year and they look terrible...

    • I don't bleach my ends at all. The highlights had bleach on my ends a few times.

      When all the ends get cut off and all my hair is all grown out roots that has only been bleached once will it be healthier?

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    • I use a lot of products and air dry often. I use keratin moisture masks oils etc. It helps. But when I cut off the dark and fried ends and keep using products will my hair feel better than it does now?

    • Yes it will

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