Are guys (Muslim) intimidated by me?

Hey I am 21 years old and I'm going to graduate soon at my university! :) I think I'm ready to settle down and all. I want to get married to a good Muslim man, I don't care what his race is as long as he's a good pious Muslim :'). But my traditional Pakistani parents want to get me an arranged marriage to a Pakistani guy in a few years. They have talked about it to me. But I want to find someone on my own & I plan to tell them that once I find someone. Ill only get an arranged marriage if I don't find someone. It's my plan B. It's getting pretty difficult to do as no one is approaching me at my University. The Muslim guys there are very sweet and say Salam to me but aren't willing to get to know me. I'm starting to think an arranged marriage is a good idea since I'm not getting approached.


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  • no dont think that way. I dont think they are intimidated. Maybe they just have other things on their mind and are not ready to date at the moment. Guys in college hardly ever think about hurrying up and getting married at age 21. They are usually thinking about finishing school, getting a career, getting their life in order and having fun on the side by going out with their friends or traveling to new places.

    One thing you must know about men is, men can never be ready to settle down with a woman if he is not where he wants to be in his life at the moment. a lot of men want to get themselves financially stable first. They want to have a plan for how they are going to be able to take care of their future wife and children. And many men who are age 21 are struggling just getting through college.

    you should think about just enjoying your life right now and give the men some more time to get their lives in order

    • Ohhh I see interesting perspective there. Yeah I should just have fun and enjoy life :) haha

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  • All I can say is, be very careful. There are some men who take their relationship with God (however they understand him) very seriously, and realize they are accountable for how they treat women.

    Then there are horror stories about men in nations like Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. The worst of the worst are making their way into British and American cities to spread mayhem, because most of the West doesn't understand Taqiyaa and it's become politically incorrect to scrutinize Muslims of any stripe.

    I would, if your parents are so inclined, share as many concerns as possible with them about anything that seems a little off about any of your suitors. I know consultation of that sort is foreign to a lot of arrange marriage cultures, but consider it. You seem like a very sweet and intelligent girl. But there are a**holes the world over, Muslim or otherwise. I've seen too many pictures of women with their faces burned off with acid. I don't want you to become just another gruesome statistic. We share a world that is more evil by the day. Take care.

    • By the way, I come from a very conservative, Christian family. I just thought I'd clear that up. I've seen men use the name of Jesus just to get rich. I've seen men use the banner of Islam to excuse the worst of human atrocities. That's my perspective coming into this topic.

    • Thank you for sharing your concerns! Parents that usually arrange marriages for their daughter usually do some investigating on the guy, his family, and whatnot before they ask her if she would like to marry him to see if he would be an option for her. My parents think since I'm young, that I'm naive and wouldn't be able to select someone on my own so I'm going to include them in the process :)

  • I have a question about a Pakistani/indian girl I met..
    can you message me so you may possibly help me understand her?

  • Muslim's have no respect for women or anyone who isn't Muslim for that matter, and it makes me feel bad! I hope whoever you end up with treats you well though. Good luck.

    • They do respect women. I see the men in my family not only treat me with respect, but other women as well. That's such a false accusation to make.

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    • Obama is quickly becoming the new Stalin. Who knows.

    • Actually, I was born in the US. Just to clarify:)

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  • Find someone


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