Guys! What would you want your spouse to be wearing at your Military ball?

Trying to understand what my boyfriend wants me to wear/look like. Also haven't seen him in six months so I'm already nervous. He's still in his school, and this will be his first army ball in June. I'm also insanely far away from where he's at school's hard to understand exactly what he wants. How would you want your girlfriend to look? I've grown up in a military family but this would be my first military ball too. :3 Kind of nervous. Any advice too would be helpful.


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  • You want him & his friends to drool over you BUT NOT show/display body/skin parts that could turn heads, cause gossip and ridicule him later.

  • woooow...

    dude seriously, be your prettiest. make him feel lucky to have such a pretty girl in his life !!
    wear a nice girly dress.

  • Just wear something simple. A flowery patterned top with a long heart-shaped skirt?


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