Girls: Scar Face guy, attractive but not to be taken seriously?

Guys, most specially girls.

I read in yahoo that a guy with a scars on his face are attractive but not to be taken seriously.It's called my attention because one my friend also has a scar.

May i know your opinion regarding this topic, Do u think you will date him?

Let's assume that the scar is very visible as shown below.


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  • sure...if u have a nice soul, the face and body is not important..
    i love ugly men...kidding haahah

    • lol.nice.thanks for the comment

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    • thanks, nice..
      i love travelling, diving, music, reading, cooking, baking, kids, babysitting..
      i can't- dance, play basketball voleyball, football, i am bad at driving my car , dealing with jerks haha

    • wow nice set of hobbies but the astounding are cooking and baby

      Anyways, welocome on GaG.ill follow you and drop u a private mail once im free.Thank you.
      My Name is Mark.
      Have a Good Day.

  • It's HOT!..


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