Fashion advice? I need help putting an outfit together.


I am absolutely in love with these pants but I'm having trouble creating a cute, comfy, outfit out of it.
So I need ideas on what top & what shoes.
Also I'm going to be wearing this to school so it has to be appropriate. So no heels. No spaghetti straps unless you're matching a cardigan with it. Crop tops are okay if they are lose but if it's a tight crop top then add cardigan please. Also for shoes, anything casual. Thanks.
Also please add links for the ideal product you have in mind of matching the pants with.


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  • Well those pants are hot.
    I would wear some eggshell colored toms for shoes.
    There is a hint of olive in the pants so I would defiantly bring that out by wearing some olive earrings.
    for the shirt I like the sound of a crop top sweater that matched the shoes.


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