Did I do my pompadour right? Should I wear it to my date?

I have a date tomorrow and I want to look good. There are two pictures, a part without a pomp, and one with a (albeit less luxurious) pomp. I normally don't do anything with my hair except the simple part. I am going to be hiking, and watching a movie, so I made my pomp smaller, so there was less pressure on it. Did I even do it right? This is my first time combing a pomp into my part. Tell me if you think I should go with the pomp or not.

P.S. The white flakes are residue from a gel. I took these before my shower.


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  • You're adorable! You look like you stepped out of the 1950s or something. You look good!

    • Lol, gee thanks. Haha, I don't know if that was a back handed compliment or not. Thank you for your opinion!

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  • I like it a lot personally! I love that 50's-60's look you have, it's very classic and it's nice :)

  • I like the first pic. Cute!


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