I have really really fine hair that gets greasy looking :(

i can't even go a full day without my hair looking like it's been unwashed for ages.

do any of you have super-fine hair that does this?

anyone have any tips?

Pantene products make my hair worse so don't suggest them.

as it is I shower everyday, but it dries out my scalp and makes it scabby and itchy, so then I have to use a moisturizer, which makes the greasiness even worse. all my friends wash their body everyday, but only wash their hair every 2-3 days.


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  • try using a natural health food store brand of hair shampoo and conditioner-they have no harsh additives that will damage or leave residual chemicals in your hair to make it greasy and there are natural herbal extracts that will help your hair become more thicker (less thin) and remove the grease.

    • Cheers =] I shall do that!

      my hair isn't thin, but it is a bit limp so I'll check out Whole Foods tomorrow.

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  • I have very fine hair that also tends to get greasy looking if I don't wash it every day. I am no expert on hair care products, and I am not picky, but one thing that might be contributing to a dry itchy scalp would be showering with water that is too hot. If you tend to shower with really hot water, try cooling it off a bit. The heat will damage the skin on your scalp drying it out and causing it to peel and itch more.

    • Point taken. cheers :)

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  • I have the same problem. I take a shower the latest possible time before I go out,

    and if it gets a little greasy, I put baby powder in my hair

    it soaks up the grease

    • Lol, I have really dark brown hair, so I'm not so sure how the baby powder would look haha.

  • I'm not sure, but I'll give you some guesses (hope one of them helps!)

    I wonder if your water could be a factor? I ask because at home, my hair looks great, no problems, but when I visit my parent's city, my hair never seems to get really clean. (Harder water, I think.) You could try a water softener or in the very least, make sure you rinse super thoroughly. Residue can make hair look dirty after a while.

    Is your hair long or short? With long hair, using a natural bristle brush, brush the hair to distribute the oil along the length of the shaft---that might help. If it's long, try using conditioner only on the ends/middle and avoid using it on the scalp.

    I've never used one, but I've heard of powder shampoos that you just brush out and you could try that mid-day.

    Is the rest of your skin oily? (Especially the T-zone) If the problem is excess oil production, I'd suggest seeing a dermatologist. (Or maybe see a dematologist either way, actually.) Maybe there is a prescription of some kind that can help? And of course, you can try asking a hair stylist!

    • Yea, it think I should see a dermatologist because while I don't have acne, I do get oily around my nose and forehead so maybe she can prescribe something that would help with that and my head.

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