I shaved my mustache as advised and now have no character. How do I add character to myself?

Even if I look more attractive my face is now bland and featureless. What would you do if you had a face like this temporarily until you regrew your mustache?
  • Start wearing glasses with no-prescription (fake) lenses
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  • Start wearing hats
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  • Start wearing some form of jewelry (manly)
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  • Start wearing some form of makeup (black eyeliner)
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  • other
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  • Accept and appreciate the aesthetic benefits of it being gone. I guess you could wear a hat, maybe. Depends on what kinda hat it is?

    Congrats on your mustachelessness :D

    • ._. I wish I had foreseen this! The things I do for others. ,_,

      Now I have no... "pizzazz!"

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    • I wish I could help. I love that kind of thing. But just look to see what the male models on those sites are wearing, it can help give you an idea of what's fashionable. Or go to the mall with a sister or female friend!

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