Has any woman seen a natural hair guru off of YouTube, that was fake like this girl said here?


I truly, believe a lot of lying goes on; especially on YouTube, but what is really sad, is that these women even have to lie about their hair length and even their hair texture; just to get plenty subscribers under their belt. I was just wondering, not to put any blame on anyone, but has anybody seen a natural hair guru off of YouTube by any chance and caught them for being fake? Because I think what this girl says is correct, is never to look at YouTube for what it is all the time; but I just want to see if any woman have seen a naturalista that was fake off of camera before?


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  • I hate to say it but welcome to reality

    • Hey so true! That is why I am always skeptical, about watching what people put out there on YouTube! Especially, when they brag about what they got and try to prove it to the public eye. So I know something is strange there lol.

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