How many inches will a girl grow?

If she's 13 and 5'3? and is on her father's 'genetic' side?

Father: 5'2 but uncles and aunts are 5'6 above

Mother: 5'1 but uncles are 5'5 at most and aunts are 5'0

Older Brothers: 5'7 and 5'6 "father's side"

Older sisters: 5'1 and 5'1 1/2 "mother's side"


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  • It sounds like u come from a short family. When did u get ur period, if at all? Usually u stop growing like a year and a half to 2 years later. Boys usually stop just over 2 years of peaking puberty. Everyone is different. My mom, dad, older sister and younger brother are all under 5'7" (my father was 5'9" but shrunk from age). But my older brother made it to 6'2" 1/2. My mom's father, brothers, uncles and sisters were all taller than 5'7", all the way to 6'4". My dad's one brother made it to 5'11" but he was the tallest.
    I don't think ur going to be much taller tho.


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  • do your best t grow moree, i wish you good luck


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