Girls, what are "t-shirt bras"?

So I've seen ads for "t-shirt bras." What are those? If they're bras for wearing underneath a t-shirt, why is there a need for a special kind of bra for that? I just feel like I should be up on this issue. LOL


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  • Haha I did not know myself so I looked it up for you. T-shirt bra's are simple one coloured bra's for everyday wear. And you can't see anything when a person wears them " as in you don't see their nipples go through the fabric" also, their made from a one piece fabric so no lace or something that could be seen through a t-shirt.

    • so even though they just have a single layer of fabric that would be enough to prevent nipple show through?

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    • thanks for being fun about this!

    • Hahaha you're welcome!

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