Do I never get called pretty because I don't look pretty?

I'm 14 years old, and my height is about 156 cm and I weight about 50 kg. I've never been told that I look pretty as my normal self. I mean, I've been called pretty at parties and concerts and stuff when I'm wearing make-up and nice clothes, but I don't wear make-up to school and I never get called pretty. Most of my friends do get called pretty, eventhough they don't wear make-up either and I feel really bad about myself because I don't get called that. Does that mean people see me as ugly, or they just don't want to share their feelings about me or something? I get called lots of other things like adorable, friendly, kind, reliable but never pretty. I don't even get compliments. Like, with my other friends, some one always says, "Ooh, I love your eyes," or "Ooh, you're lips are so perfect," but I never get complimented on any of my features. The only one I've ever got at school is, "Your hair is so soft." Yeah, that's pretty pathetic. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do, and does anyone know why this happens to me?
Just quick little question, do you people think that my height and weight are good for my age?


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  • Everyone thinks that they get complimented less than their friends. I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I get called cute and people talk about my hair constantly but it would be nice to hear "wow, you're really pretty. " unfortunately the thing is that girls your own age are reluctant to call other girls pretty because they feel insecure themselves. Also, guys so so rarely tell a girl she's got pretty eyes or a nice smile. It just doesn't happen. Ever notice that it's adults who hand out compliments to you? That's because they're not a timid teenage boy or an insecure teenage girl. You can't rely on others to feel beautiful. Just KNOW that you're beautiful okay? I know it's easier said than done but I'm 17 now and when I was your age my self esteem was negative two hundred. I used to think, and still do sometimes, that I'm ugly. But no one sees me that way. Honestly how many girls do you look at and think "she's just straight up ugly." Not many. Everyone has good things going for them. Find yours! And keep your head up.


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  • i believe every one is beautiful but it is all about how confident about ourselves we are , being calling handsome , pretty or not won't make any changes but to make you feel better , but the thing that we all can agree on is our personalities ,

    best regards

  • I never got called pretty, or handsome, or good-looking either. Who cares? Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 2. A solid 2. So I learned long ago that I looked like crap. But I have a sharp mind, and a quick wit. And that's enough.

    And when I look at women, I care a lot more about her mind than her physical appearance. Because looking good is easy, having my back isn't. Even if you aren't the prettiest woman it doesn't matter. Bill Gates didn't marry the prettiest woman. And he never divorced her. While all the pretty bitches might complain here and there, and talk about how Melinda Gates isn't that good looking, remember that Bill sure as hell doesn't seem to be complaining.

    A woman you can trust is worth a lot more than a woman that is "pretty". And real attractiveness has little to do with physical appearance, and more the whole package.

    • Dude, that's so true, thnx

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  • Girl, you're only fourteen, an adolescent, let it rest, if you don't get enough attention. You're not meant to grow up too fast. Some people develop physically faster than others. It's not your time yet. There's always going to be a clique that will exclude you for NOT looking like them or doing things they do like giving free blow jobs to the foot ball jocks.

    • You could try Amateur Modelling to help boost your confidence.

    • Yeah, I actually do get excluded from a clique like that, but I guess you're right. I'm only 14. I think I'll try that, anything to boost my confidence ;) Thnx!

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