Is it weird that a guy has curves?

I am almost 17 and I have curves. I think it's because I am so skinny. I can't really gain weight though. Is this a strange or uncommon thing for a male to have? If I gained muscle would it help get rid of my curves?


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  • Uhmm... yea its pretty weird. I have a friend who is stick thin and she doesn't have curves. One day we saw this guy who was stick thin and had curves. The first thing she said was, Oh god! you gave him curves and left me off with none. It was a joke and we were laughed our heads off after that.
    Try gaining weight by havong protein and weight gain suppliments? visit a dietician.

  • It's not weird. Absolutely not.
    IF you mean "boobs" with curves, yea it's kind of weird. But I don't assume you mean that. If you mean "ass" then it's alright; I myself prefer an ass to grab haha. I think you should just gain some weight either it is muscles or fat, doesn't matter.


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