Whats a good way to get rid of pimples?

i have like 2 pimples and i wanna get rid of it quick before school :P


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  • Put some toothpaste on them and let it stay there for the entire night. Just go to sleep with the toothpaste and let it harden. The next day you can take it off (be carefull with removing the toothpaste, though). You also have to keep your skin clean, so pimples won't get a chance to grow on there. Other you can just put an icecube on it to resist the swelling. KEEP IT CLEAN!


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  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!! it attack those acne causing bacteria instantly. It will deflate its size and redness will decrease.

    You are welcome. Use cotton and apply directly to it. Do it now and at night. LEAVE IT ON.

    You are welcome :)

  • Toothpaste or windex, its crazy but trust me it works!


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