Girls, do you take your shoes off during the day?

I have a new manager at work that got onto me for taking my shoes off at my cubicle. I don't understand because I have been doing this for the year I have worked there and no one has complained. Personally 9 hours straight in heels is a bit much and my feet get pinched and sweaty so they need a break. Am I the only one who does this?


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  • Whats the office number so I can call and make an anonymous complaint.. don't worry- I'll take care of her! :)


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  • I don't wear heels but I do it every chance I get.

  • Ask them why theyre complaining about it now.

    • I think it's because she is trying to make everyone miserable. Several people are on the verge of quitting of her.

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    • Nope even if you want one day it's still the $10. It's all or nothing

    • Thats pretty bad. You should try talking to the managers boss and ask her/him if you can take off your shoes then because your feet are like the last thing people look at.

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