Recommend me a new hairstyle/hair color?

I'm getting bored of my hairstyle and hair color..guys or gals, can you recommend me something? Should I cut it shorter, dye it darker or dye it lighter, ombre, or dye tips a funky color (purple, green, pink, blue, etc)?
I'm very bored of my style.

I've also seen this 'rate my appearance' going on all over this site, so I don't mind if you rate me (1-10) if you feel like it, i never get an honest rating from people i personally know anyways :P
(1 is unnattractive, 10 is attractive)

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thanks for the answers, no need to answer this question anymore. thanks guys :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • for starters your hair is awesome as is. like seriously its pretty cool. but with that said, if you wanted to change it im sure you could. im not up to date on styles or anything but it seems like you have the hair that can pull off anything so have some fucking fun with it


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think your hair looks pretty as it is- length and color. I don't think a lighter color would suit you so if anything, go darker.


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