GIRLS! What should I transform a leather skirt into?

My mother gave me a huge black leather skirt that she used to wear from her high waist to her mid calves. It's very big. I won't use it, so I will transform it.






It won't be for my own use, I'll sell it.
  • Bustier
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  • Shorts
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  • Corset
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  • Mini dress
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  • Purse
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  • Have you worked with leather before? You are going to have to be really careful with sewing that. Leather is pretty unforgiving. I know this because I work with leather regularly.

    If you have the material go for the corset if you can swing it. The purse is the easiest, the mini dress and the bustier might be right out, since the skirt is going to be cut into panels, so you have material you are stuck with however the skirt was cut.

    Still it can be doable.

    Id like to see this when you are done.

    • Hey Halafax, I will start to follow you. I haven't worked with this quality of leather yet. It is soft and it has been work before (not a lot, but you know...) I have worked with suede, so I assumed I would use the same needle caliber and of course, be careful with the sewing, I won't be able to Ctrl+Z the stitches. Any general tips you have for leather?

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    • measure twice, cut once is a big one.

      Second, due to the leather being sewn previously you are going to limit what you can do with it. I mean you can do a bustier or a corset, but you are going to have to make sure you reinforce where you cut the previous seams. A leather needle is good to have, they are sharper than normal needles.
      Suede is similar to garment grade, but garment grade is usually a bit easier to tear when cutting. Make sure you use similar stitch length when sewing. Mind you I do all my sewing by hand. Its kind of relaxing in that masochistic way.

      Also thank you for the follow. Ill have to post some of my projects as they come out.

    • Interesting info. I have an unopened pack of leather needles, so I'm good I think. You're very right about trying to fit the new patterns to the old shape and taking care of the seams. You should post your projects soon ;)

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What Guys Said 4

  • kind of depends on how much you're looking to make off of it, typically though, if someone gives you something like that, they want you to wear it, not sell it

    • Ah nah, my mom wore it back in her heyday and knows the style is very out of date (early 80s). So as I am a fashion designer she told me to do whatever I wanted out of it.

    • i wear a leather jacket from the 70's and still get compliments on it. that stuff never goes. trust me

  • Bustiers aren't very attractive to me. But mini dresses are sexy.

  • It's so cool that you can do that :)

  • A strap on.


What Girls Said 4

  • The link for the mini dress doesn't work for me, but I'd guess it be my vote!

  • Either a purse or a dress but the bustier looks good too. Are u going to make it yourself?

    • Yes. I studied fashion design, I think I can work that out. It is not a lot of material, so I can't go for a jacket/larger things.

    • Wow I rate u!! I want to learn how to make clothes myself I have a sewing machine at home but I am too lazy to get on it lol

      I would say stick to making a dress if you have enough material since a leather if made in that style won't go out of fashion so quickly since it can be like and lbd. The bustier is the second option for me since it's so cute lol

  • Love a pair of leather shorts for a festival x

  • I like the Bustier !!!


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