Is it better to wear cream or powder blush in the summer?

I have normal to dry skin. I wear a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that leaves a satin finish, very sheer. What would last longer on my face during warmer months, doing everyday activity, not exercise--cream or powder blush?

I don't like cheek stains or cream to powder. Just classic cream or powder.

And...what are some good brands of each? Thanks dolls.


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  • It depends on how hot it gets where you live. There's nothing wrong with wearing a bit of cream blush in the summer but set it with a powder. Since your skin is normal to dry it should stay put for the day.

    • It gets into the 80's and sometimes quite humid.

    • I would say get a powder blush and just keep the compact in your bag and reapply it if it becomes less noticeable. Also buy some rice paper/ oil blotting sheets to blot any oil before you apply more so it doesn't look cakey.

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