I need some guy fashion advice

I need a whole new wardrobe. I have ugly ass clothes so I'm looking for a look that isn't rapper-ish or hiphop. I like just wearing nice jeans, t-shirt, sweater if its cold, whatever. what are good place to go shop or brands.. I really need some help on this thanks.


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  • What look are you going for? Preppy? Jock? Skater? Punk?

    • I really am not good at all the fashion trends and stuff.. I just like "normal" clothing like jeans and tshirt that fit well on my frame. not skater, not punk not jock I guess. (I don't know what those really are really sorry)

    • Ok, sounds like you're more into the prep style. You should check out the clothes they have at Lacoste. They're expensive but it'll give you the idea of what kind of clothes you should be looking for. Your last resource should be brand named clothes like Hollister and crap, that's if you can't find any other place though.

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