Brunette ladies, what do you think of blond men with blue eyes and very fair skin (The English look)?

Do you find fair complected Nordic looking men to be as attractive as darker, more Mediterranean looking men?


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  • that's not an english look fyi, english men have dark hair, light skin, and blue eyes.

    i think your scandinavian look (by the sounds of it) can be very striking. but I think usually women prefer darker complexions in men.

    • Celtic people (Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, parts of North-West England) have dark hair and light eyes. The English, by and large, are descended from Scandanavia, thus, they are are usually blonder than their Celtic neighbours, although they're all equally fair in skin colouring. This is an anthropological truth backed up by data. See both Coon and Rigley's athropological surveys as evidence.

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  • I simply adore blond, blue eyed men (well actually I prefer green eyes, but blue is close enough) haha :)

    • What about the fair (pinkish-pale) skin part?

    • It's part of the whole package... plus it makes it's really cute when you can see a guy blush :P

  • mmmm yes, it can def be sexy


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