Guys, how much do stretch marks on a woman really bother you?

My stomach and hips are covered in dark pink stretch marks and it makes me nervous about getting naked for the guy I've been dating when things get to a more intimate stage.

Obviously losing weight and getting the stretch marks to fade with cream, etc. will take some time. Is there some way for me to get over this or get him to be more open-minded about it?


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  • You'd literally would have to point them out to me so i'd notice. When i do notice, it's just normal skin condition. It's like asking me if ear lobes bug me.


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  • I'd rather you be yourself with him. It's perfectly normal to feel the way you do about stretch marks, it's only natural for a woman to feel that way.

    But everyone is different & obviously I am :) But again I'd always say and now out of personal experience I can strongly vouch not only for myself but also for those who think this way.

    I have answered a few similar questions out here and here's one of those. Apologies I could probably have typed it in the amount of time spent on searching it lol but nevertheless read this cause it's a fact.

    Also it's not about post pregnancy or otherwise, it's always about chemistry & feelings :) :)

    Good luck young lady :) feel good about yourself always :)


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