Do girls care if a guy is on steroids or not?

It seems like every guy wants to bulk up with perfect definition in no time. Why? Because girls in general are madly attracted to such figures.
70% of the guys I know at the gym are on roids and seem to get a lot of female attention even if they have zero personality.

Girls...would you date a guy on roids?
If not, do you know how to tell if a guy is on roids? - basically, if a guy has good definition, bulky muscles, bulging veins, or grew big very fast (i.e. in a month)..chances are they're on roids.
  • I don't care if a guy is on roids - that's their business
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  • Guys on roids - ewww!
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  • I. Hate. Dumb. Muscle.
    These guys are the worst, and they're not even hot. Call me a dumb teenager, but even Robert Pattinson's physique is more appealing to me than your average body builder's. I like thin, slightly muscled guys... In the way most guys would take shapely B-cups over saggy F-cups.

    • Tell me about it. They're insecure about themselves, can barely hold a conversation and have small balls!
      They're a bunch of cheats if you ask me.
      I moderate muscle but not much definition, and that's how I like it - all natural. I go to the gym so that I can push my limits and mentally motivate myself. If went on juice, i'd have nothing to work towards in no time..and most likely would need to be on maintenance, as well as suffer from the side effects of chronic use.
      Better to be natural, enjoy the endorphin release, and the motivation. I just get irritated when girls run off to guys who have a Mr Model body (who only got where he is thanks to roids).

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  • No, natural muscle is really more attractive because it isn't as extreme. A slim body type with smaller muscles is more attractive than the steroid bodybuilder, who in my opinion typically look kind of gross :/. Also, steroids are really bad for you, which would turn me off because the guy isn't taking care of himself

  • I would only care if his temperament started to change, for the worse

  • I care but just because steroids give you acne and a bad temper


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