Bra fitting says i'm way bigger than i actually am?

So i have gotten fitted at department stores numerous times, and i have done like hundreds of this online bra size calculator things, and every time i always get a DD measurement, but there is no way in hell i can fit into a DD. I wear a D right now and my boobs dont even seem to fill that out very well. I mean if you go based on inches around your band, then your bust, there's really no denying your size if it says you are a DD, but how is it that i get quoted such a big size and yet i see people with the same size as me who've got boobs 3 times my size? And i have found my band size that fits me perfectly so i dont need to change that by the way


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  • I know someone with this problem - that is exacerbated when shopping sports training bras.
    When she finally finds a fit, she buys loads of them and often has to go online to also find comfort.

    Seems like a similar problem trying to figure out other countries' sizing standards.

    Then there's wash-dry shrinkage...


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  • Sounds very strange, certainly i can see online calculators being wrong, its somthing you have to live with they are based on an average shape etc and if you are not close to that there will be a discrepency between your size and the predicted one, but if you have been fitted at a shop then not only should you size have been measured but when you tried bras on it should have been noticed some adjustment was needed


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  • I got fitted at a specialty shop and now have a number of properly fitting bras, dept stores don't cut it


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