Have you ever seen a girl who normally wears makeup without makeup? We're you surprised?

Well, there are some girls I know. Normally, they wear a lot of makeup. One day, I saw a girl without makeup and I barely recognized her. Has this happened to you?


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  • Yes. They do look a lot different. Their facial features are a lot less magnified, so I generally think they don't look as attractive at first glance.

    Have you ever seen those pictures of p*rn stars with and without makeup on? That's where you REALLY notice a difference. I'd say more than half the time, the p*rn stars go from straight up ugly to pretty hot. Amazing transformation.

    • I don't watch p*rn, so no. But yeah, makeup really makes a difference.

  • Yes and No and it doesn't shock me it's completely normal , but I don't like my girls caked up looks too doll like.

    Usually I do the opposite I think of what they would look like with make up on.


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