Size of boobs in different regions?

I noticed something interesting when I went to visit Korea a couple years ago for the first time. I went to a bathhouse with my cousins and for anyone who doesn't know what a bathhouse is, it's basically a gender-segregated public bathhouse equipped with hot tubs and saunas and you go there to relax and sweat it out. I took my clothes off in the locker room and everyone in there was looking at me for the longest time like I had an extra head. They were so shocked I had large boobs. I was a 32C back then when I was 13 and now 32D. I noticed a lot of Korean girls aren't very busty but very skinny. I felt really weird about it afterwards and didn't change in front of my cousins afterwards. It was also difficult for my mom and I to find a bra that actually fit me when we went shopping. I ended up having to go to a specialized for bustier girls but the bras there were like for fat old ladies.
A lot of my Korean-Canadian friends have large boobs as well like Cs and Ds. However, the Koreans who weren't born here or didn't immigrate at a young age have smaller boobs, no larger than an A-cup. Why do you think this is? Could it be the diet?


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  • American foods sometimes (most times) are from animals that have been given growth hormones, and these hormones sometimes (most times) continue to be effective while eating the animal they were given to. The hormones cause people to mature physically faster and also cause bigger boobs.

    • I agree with this answer.

    • Thank you to everyone's input, it was all helpful. I agree, Tom. NO ONE is overweight in Korea, it definitely is the diet.

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  • Yes, it's the diet and the stuff that's injected or put in the food. Poor nutrition leads to poor growth and great nutrition leads to great growth. They eat certain foods (well pretty much the same stuff all year round) while your Korean-Canadian friends eat a variety of foods. My family is the tallest out of all my other families and I think it's due to the diet and the lifestyle I had. My mom made very nutritious stuff and I drank my milk daily. And yeah just a bunch of other stuff lol.

  • lack of raw protein in the S Korean diet, in the west we have Steaks, Burgers, sausages and countless more, big meaty meals, this meat gives us protien which leads to more growth, this is why if you see a white guy in China he's taller than everyone else, because he was probably raised on a high-protien diet, and it's the same reason why western girls have bigger boobs than girls from around asia.

  • The food in the United States is contaminated. You know that none of our meat products can be exported. Over 117 countries have banned our meat products and much of our grain products have to be certified before being exported. Japan is the only country that raises cattle on US soil but it is not touched by Americans and raised specifically for the Japan market.

    If you just look around the USA is the 2nd fattest country in the world behind Mexico. I travel outside the USA often and have brought girlfriends from different countries to the USA and each on within 2 weeks began to have a weight problem no matter what they did to curb their intake. I have imported items from Brazil for women and their size large is medium in the States.

    The food is bad in the states, look at our health care.

  • Well most of it is genes. Korean girls who're born over here might not have 100% Korean ancestry. Maybe they're half Korean or 25%, or whatever percentage. These different genes may be for different sized breasts, likely larger ones. So, this leads to her eventually having bigger breasts than her ancestors who were 100% Korean.

    Also, diet likely does have an effect too. What you eat and how much you eat affects your body in more ways than just the size of your breasts.

    And maybe they've had breast enhancements. I'm sure you know this makes a girl's boobs bigger.

  • Well boobs are mostly fat and western diets are much higher in fat so.. Yeah.

  • Local diet is the cuase for the difference

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