Hate my natural hair, but hair extensions is damaging it. What to do?

Ok so I'm mixed race but I don't have nice locks :( I have afro caribbean frizzy hair. That is stiff and unflattering I think.

I love my roots don't get me wrong, but I wish I had white ladies lovely hair. As its so hard work to do my hair.

On top of that I'm using hair extensions to feel more womanly, but I realise I'll end up bald by gluing it in all the time with bonder. Its made it thin out a lot. Its nearly shoulder length. But I know its not healthy right now.

I spend most my money on extensions and perms. Cost a bomb, and I can't treat myself to anything due to funding this. I get told I'm attractice, but I keep thinking is it my hair that helps that or is my face.

I guess you can have amazing hair and not be hot right, but I keep thinking men won't like me without long hair or will I look boyish. I have a girly face I think but I hate short hair on me.

I have no choice but to get rid of the extensions as of today. Part of my being natural and healthy new me for the summer. I'm nervous already. Any words of wisdom anyone?


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