How can I accessorize my dress?

I bought this dress recently:

How can I accessorize it? I have nude pumps and peach-pink peep toe pumps.

I have no idea what else to do with it. Any ideas?


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  • Try go with a long necklace since the neckline is quite high, depending on your skin tone silver (paler skin) or gold (darker skin). It's difficult to tell without seeing the shoes but whatever you think looks better :) Since most of the colour is coming from the dress don't pair it with anything too striking, nude/pale colours are the right way to go. The length of the bag the model is wearing is very nice, if you have a long strapped bag like that. If not maybe a clutch. You could even wear a cute headband with this if you liked.


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  • Bracelets or earrings... Gold ones with white crystals.

    I'd go with the peach pumps. =)


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