My beauty ratings for models

Starting from most to least attractive 1. Adriana Lima- 8/10 Adriana’s face is stunning. Blue eyes, dark hair and olive skin tone. Her...

How To Be an Instagram Baddie

Is your dream to be an Insta Baddie? Don't know how? Here is your helpful guide to navigating the waters of this social media boom. Some...

East Asian Beauty Standards for Men

In today’s discussion, I would like to present to you the East Asian beauty standards for men. I previously covered the East Asian...

East Asian Beauty Standards for Women

Every region of the world has its own beauty standards. In today’s discussion, I would like to present to you the East Asian beauty...

I wear makeup for myself

I’m tired of being told that women who wear makeup are insecure, looking for attention, trying to impress men, etc. I’ve been called...

Nobody Likes a Bald Woman

Let me start from the beginning.... a balding man.... Society is well aquatinted with this guy. Every man since he realized...

Girls, when do you bust out the long johns?

Like what temp would you say is reasonable to start wearing them?

Winter Season Clothing?

Now that the fall season is approaching in about a couple weeks or so. Its time to break out the winter clothes soon and me personally I...

What do you think of bralettes?

I'm thinking of just skipping the padded bras I have and go back to wearing bralettes, but I don't know, should i

Girls, how often do you shave your legs?

Once a week or less than it? How often do you shave your legs and do you have small red dots after shaving?

Opinions on new clothing brands?

I am starting a clothing brand and wanted your perspectives on ads and such. How do you usually discover a new brand that you order...

Do your eyes drastically change in the sunlight?

I see this with mostly brown and hazel eyes, that you see their true color in direct light. I think most of the time blue and green eyes...



Which top looks cute enough to wear to a date at the fair?

The only thing I like more than the zoo is the fair. I always go every year and I buy an outfit every time. I really like yellow because...

Have you ever been soaked to the boner, I mean to the bone from the rain? Noo would you wear these Ripped Jeans? Are they actually Still in Style?

Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a pair of regular unripped jeans and make your own ripped jeans? 😂😂

Hanging out with college reunion. Ex-boyfriend included. Advice?

So, not really an official reunion but y’all know what I mean... College ex is coming too. He’s married. Dunno if he gonna bring his...

Do you think modern society will ever find fat bodies beautiful?

Saw this status on Facebook today with the associated photo. Would this body ever be considered beautiful? by the way, the status was of...

Guys, do you mind if a girl's bra and panties don't match?

I mean if the top and bottom didn't come as a set or she didn't have time to match them that day. So it could be anything, from a...

Which hair Type is the most attractive on women?

I know that straight hair is not considered the most attractive, but most women try to have straight her (or at least did until a while...

I’m a heterosexual woman but I don’t find the look of a penis attractive. Do you think this is normal?

I like looking at a man with an attractive or handsome face but I have never in my life thought the look of a penis was attractive.

Isn't Mia from pulp fiction extremely hot?

I watched pulp fiction recently and OMG she's extremely hot!!! Really, she's my type of Girl. I know it's a fiction character but her...