I brought a Korean bb cream cushion for the first time:) This is my review on Missha M magic cushion

So this is me before yeah my skin is pretty awful mostly due to the fact that every time i get a little pimple i get anxiety and I end...

7 Reasons Why Girls Have Short Hair

Hello there! I'm Stela. I was reading a question earlier today that had to do with hair, where I noticed that most guys said they...

Let people wear what they want!

I’m tired of people stating opinions on women wearing tights in public and asking if they are wrong to do so. Or worse yet telling them...

My favorite looks for winter ❄️

I'm going to start by saying that I might not be 100 percent correct about all these looks actually being “in” this season but I think...

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Over a year ago I shared this myTake on a genius way of classifying various body types, categorized by not just your bust, waist and hip...

The hair care accessories and products and how to enjoy it to the fullest for healthier hair

Hair picks For certain types of hair, the best to take care of it and detangling it is by using hair picks. This comes in many different...

Ladies, have you ever found that using hot tools/coloring your hair has made it thinner?

I started coloring my hair and getting it blown out two years ago, and I swear to God it looks great when it's styled, but I think all...

Do you like this look?

I am a man, and before I never worn female clothes, it is a new experience for me

Does guys like/prefer girls more with natural hair color or colorful hair?

I love dying my hair a lot haha. It’s just fun and stylish in my opinion. As you can see my profile picture is blue and platinum blonde...

Girls, What do you think about guys wearing crop tops?

I own a few crop tops, I don't wear crop tops as often as I use to though.

Why are latina girls so damn cute?

I mean, look at this one on twitter (She's of age)

I'm obsessed with my looks and addicted to beauty treatments. What can I do?

I was bullied over years when I was a teen and have always felt like the ugly duckling. As a result I used make up everyday for years....

Do "ugly" people have potential?

I put "ugly" in quotes because it's completely subjective. I've always struggled with my self image, and one of the things I say to...

What are your views on transvestism?

What are your views on the practice of transvestism, where people wear clothes that are appropriate for the opposite sex? Do you mind...

Which one of these jackets should I get?

My current workout jacket is on its last leg. Looking for a replacement. I don’t have many workout jackets so I was thinking of getting...


Color is slightly different than shows up in pictures. Jacket is navy blue and blend Tights are navy blue Shorts are blue greySorry...

Is it okay for adult women to wear Barbie design Clothes do you find it cute or unattractive?

Is it unattractive for a woman to like wearing Barbie accessories?

Do you care if a girl has perfect skin or acne?

out of the below options, I’m not asking which you would prefer cause almost everyone would say flawless skin. I’m asking how much acne...