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Curly haired Gaggers!

Hey all! So today I learned about the answer to my frizzy, wavy, gross hair! I wanted to share with anyone else with the same problem! I...

Cup Sizing and Sister Sizing

There is something that has often annoyed me when men and women alike talk about breasts, and that is that they just refer to cup sizes....

Models with Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?

It's no secret that wide hips are the one of the most desirable part of a woman's body, they often subconsciously indicate fertility and...

Simple, affordable and effective toiletry products

People fork over tons of cash looking for the best beauty products each year, but do you need to? Some things are worth the price, but...

Examples of Curvy Women I've Found Online

About two years ago, I did one of these lists, and I'm proud to update you all with a new lists of women I personally find sexy. Keep in...

Bikini styles for different body types

Ok, so this is just my opinion on what I have seen so far. Bikini styles for different body types If your boobs are far apart You should...

Could you put a grade on ten at each or do a rank?

You can also put 9.7 and 9.9 if you are not decided with the 10/10... I know you think it is mission difficult mister hunt but it's not...

What do you think of Jockstraps: Are they sexy or not?

Do other girls like it? Guys, have you are ever worn one?

Do you think I could pull these off?

Inspired by my friend @Secret6620 Please check out her Lingerie questions too ! I've always wanted a crochet bralette set but these...

Why aren't there as many natural blondes anymore?

I recently heard saw my grandmother's school pictures, Natural blond hair was way common back then as isn't now. Maybe because it's...

Girls, What kind of socks do you wear?

It’s said you can tell someone personality from their socks so...

My latest tattoo?

Is it a hit or a miss

#1 color combo: Would lavender pair better with this skirt? #2 fabric rules : Textured OR Smooth fabric top, pairs better with the ruffled skirt?

I think I know the answer but not certain. I don’t think you Can see but the top has a kind of raised texture on it. It isn’t severe...

Does red or blonde hair look better on me?

Not sure whether to stay w red hair or dye blonde (naturally dark blonde)

Should I go bald?

So i have a few pictures in order of what my hair started and last picture is what it currently is. I cut it before to see how much...

Which is more important to you?

I mean your beauty ideals, not in general so chill