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Ladies would you do a retro lunar manicures from the 1920/40s now known as half moon nails? A little nail polish history.

Nail polish and nail art can be seen as far back as 3000 bc. Sometimes nail paint was used for battle or as a statement of class and...
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4 Details the Diamond Industry DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.

1st off diamonds are made up of carbon. Which despite their hardness is also their biggest flaw. Diamond crystals while hard and sharp...

Getting a Daith Piercing

Yesterday morning I couldn't sleep after coming off a night shift. I decided that maybe I could go for a drive and grab groceries. I...

There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!

We live in a world where pretty matters and anyone who says otherwise is flat out wrong. Several years ago I learned this fact the hard...

Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery.

Ahhh....the magic of filters and it’s free than getting plastic surgery. It’s also a little self esteem/confidence boost. But anyways,...

The Fight That Changed Fashion

In late 2004, in a basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the defending champion Detroit Pistons, a major fight broke out...

Can guy wear one piece swimsuits with shorts?

Can guy wear one piece swimsuits with shorts like this www.amazon.com/.../ref=mp_s_a_1_43

Have you ever worn a pink jacket?

How's you like this jacket, ladies? I think the thickness of it can keep her very warm. I have a few thick pink jackets. Do you too?

Would you display outrage if schools required boys to wear skirts and girls to wear pants?

This is quite opposite of what you'd expect but suppose this is the case. Would you react badly since this seems to be cross dressing...

What style do you like the most?

Don't pick the business one just for the money. Let's say all three are rich, just pick the one that looks the best

Is it the same thing to kill a cow to make a pair of leather pants and killing a crocodile for a bag?

I think it is very different to kill a cow for leather products compare to killing a crocodile for a bag Cows are very common and they...