Boyshorts/Boy Briefs VS Panties

This mytake is just a personal review and comparison from my experiences. I also am doing this post for people who have never tried...

The beauty of the 18th century

Ah yes, the age of guillotines and powdered wigs! There probably wasn't much beauty in the political world or the nations relationships,...

A glimpse into the beauty of the Edwardian time period

"The Edwardian era or Edwardian period of British history spanned the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910, and is sometimes extended...

Trendy Hairstyles Ideas Using Wavy Extensions

You might have seen the wavy hairstyles are so in trend. Recently all the celebrities have been caught with beach wavy hair look with...

More things/styles for my alter ego

Thought I'd add some more bc a lot of people liked my last one. The men might want to skip to the bottom. The hair: I don't normally...

WORLD'S SEXIEST CORSETS - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Her Corset, but were too afraid you'd get slapped if you asked!

I don't wear corsets for the sole purpose of bringing my tummy in "yet", but I just love the sexiness of wearing one on occasion...

Ladies how do you ask for perfume samples at sephora?

I need to sample perfumes because the dry down is different and my body reacts weirdly to perfumes not to mention due to covid we can’t...

1 or 2, Which perfume scent?

1-pineapple, mango, nectarine, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, musk 2-grapefruit, pineapple, exotic passion fruit, yellow peony,...

How can I improve my face glow, get healthy hair. Any suggestions?

How can i improve my face glow, get healthy hair. Any suggestions?

Which hair colour looks best on me?

Copper Brown Dirty blonde

What do you think of someone with pale skin?

Do you like it or dislike it? Or don't care either way?

Girls, Do you wear leggings to show off your butt?

And does it bother you if you’re wearing leggings and guys check you out?

Guys, what do you think of girls with small tattoos?

I have one small tat on my chest. I dont plan on getting big major tattoos but maybe like 2 or 3 more small ones. I think tattoos can...

I get compliments here and there that I’m pretty or attractive but mainly from black guys?

This African guy keeps telling me that I am beautiful ( his in relationship) by the way but that’s like 3rd time he comes up to me from...

Why do people get offended when their insecurities are pointed out?

If someone were to attack my insecurities (which I have none), why would I care? Most human existences are worthless to me. People think...

Girls, what kind of clothes do women like on men?

I'm trying to improve my overall appeal and I'm just curious as to what will make me look better? I've thought about walking into a...

Would you wear these and how they are?

Would you wear these skinny jeans and would you wear them cuffed like in the pics?

Which prom dress would look best?

So I found a better website with nicer dresses for graduation/prom, which one would look best on me or which one would look nicest? I...

What do you think looks better on guys?

Do you like boxers, boxer briefs or briefs? Please explain why

Do you have a navel piercing?

I'm intrigued to see how common they are and your opinions of them.

How much does this outfit cost all together?

From head to toe ( excluding his undies lol)

What type of man do you prefer?

So, a few days ago, Vogue release it's new edition and Harry Styles from the former band One Direction was on the cover wearing a dress....

Need a dress for my graduation prom thing, which one looks best?

I’m the most indecisive human being ever and there’s still months until the graduation ceremony (and there might not even be one because...

Which outfit is more appealing to you?

The choice here tells a lot about a man, in my opinion.

What tattoo of these do you think looks best on a hand?

I want to do a Thors hammer tattoo on my hand and i want peoples opinion