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Curly haired Gaggers!

Hey all! So today I learned about the answer to my frizzy, wavy, gross hair! I wanted to share with anyone else with the same problem! I think this method will work with any type curls and texture. I myself have fine hair...
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Is it true that pain is beauty?

People doing a lot of stuff to get perfect shape, perfect face and so on. Mostly the stuff gives pain. Like surgery, like waxing to get rid of all hairs Watch this to understand...
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Simple, affordable and effective toiletry products

People fork over tons of cash looking for the best beauty products each year, but do you need to? Some things are worth the price, but others aren't. Here are some things that are affordable and effective: basic but good....
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Examples of Curvy Women I've Found Online

About two years ago, I did one of these lists, and I'm proud to update you all with a new lists of women I personally find sexy. Keep in mind, I realize that most of these women(if not all of them) have had some type of...
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What do you think of my makeup in this picture? I had it done there by a professional, but somehow I almost never satisfied by the outcome. Like with this one I think my skin tone doesn't look too good. I don't know till now I didn't find...
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How is a matter of life or death a joke about a model or models? -Trump jokes about hooking up with models during...
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Would you give yourself a Bikini wax?
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Toilet Paper: Which brand do you use?

We all use it and never thought anything about it. Yet when it was put on back order and the aisles were bare we panicked. How do we clean that which we value dearly, our butt. Girls use it to stuff their bra in their...
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Athletic Shoes: Name Brands part 2: Which brand makes the better athletic shoe?

The second question to athletic shoes. Whether you are on the track, playing on a team, or just working out which brand works for you? Which brand helps you achieve your ultimate goal and beyond? Do you fall only to pick...
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Guys: What are your thoughts on this type of "women aesthetic"?

I'm asking since I tend to gravitates towards vintage and old school style. I'm so inspired by this fashion and grace. Yet I wonder if men find women who have this vibe beautiful or not? I'm sharing some clips of my...
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Do you like/support celebrities who get plastic surgery?

They’re not good role models to be honest. Even models like Victoria Secrets get plastic surgery, Korean celebrities like K pop stars, Korean Actors and Actresses, even male celebrities too! The Kardashians and Jenners,...
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Will you buy leather or luxury goods after watching this?

Most leather goods came from torturing of animals which is unacceptable. Will you avoid buying luxury leather goods? Here is the video
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Is this advert aimed primarily at men or at women?

Clearly, it's selling a feminine product, but which gender do you think it's appealing to?
JimRSmith u
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REDHEADS! …why are you so rare? …do you all have freckles? Why are you called Ginger? What countries are you from?

Talk to me! I am thinking you are from Scotland and Ireland …am I close? I have a girlfriend named Leslie who is a gorgeous red head of Scottish decent. …but what other countries are you from? …do all of you have...
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Would you go outside wearing nothing but body-paint?

I saw a video like that : it is quite hard to distinguish that from wearing clothes. would you go out like painted like that
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You're more beautiful when you're not aware of it

This take is based on "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction and "Du bist schön" by Alligatoah. You don't know you're beautiful I honestly don't like One Direction, but they...
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Why are half of world's most beautiful faces Korean?

Not saying Koreans can't be pretty bc beauty comes in all shades. But half of a list can not be dedicated to Koreans or Kpop idols. This list used to be very accurate at some point but I don't know why are people's...
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Why do people dont like the past but like retro?

Is it an excuse for hipster? or a good chance for poor people?
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Hottest girl ever?

Russian model Viki Odintcova. Rate her out of 10 boob job, lip fillers...
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