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I think the time is right to ask to be together again.

Well my ex and I have been on really good terms with each other for the past month or so. We stopped dating roughly 5 months ago after a really bad breakup (on her part). She's told me that she still has feelings for me, she wants to be my friend forever...(ill elaborate on this later), She invites me to get togethers, we have gone out to dinner together, She asks me for all kinds of favors (even to buy her an iphone lol)

What I meant about the friend forever thing is this...One night after a party I slept over her apartment (not in bed with her). Before I actually fell asleep I had told her that I don't know how long we can stay friends...she came to me crying saying no guy will ever take that from us and that she feels so bad about what she did...

SO...In 2 days I will be going on vacation to the Bahamas for like a week. I'm going to see her one last time tonight before I go. Think the best time to ask her back out would be after I get back? I'm pretty sure those 7 days where I will have no contact her most likely will start to get to her and she will miss me. She misses me now even though we see each other like every other day. Should I strike while the iron will be hot and she misses me...(of course Ill feel it out and see if she did miss me first.
I think the time is right to ask to be together again.
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