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Should we be friends?

I met a guy on match.com and we chatted and then when on a great 1st date. (He is contracted here in town for 9 months so he is living in a hotel suite)The second date was fun and then he initiated sex. He had an orgasm but never showed any emotions? Not even a smile afterwards. He said that he needs more involvement(emotionally) then just having an orgasm?

Then he decides that we need to start over and I apparently led him to believe on our 3rd date that "we were together" because I put my arm through his while watching a football game! I wanted sex and he didn't turn me down. Orgasm with no emotions afterwards. I sent him an email asking why he didn't at least smile afterwards and he said that I went right past starting over. I told him that I didn't want to have sex again if he wasn't having a good time ,too.

He emailed me that he only wanted to be friends for now and that we were two different people with different goals in our lives. He wants no kissing, no sex, just friendship. He wants to do stuff like go to the movies or doing something and see if "it goes somewhere."

I challenged him and asked about doing something on the weekend as "just friends". He responded," If you would like to, I would be more than happy to go to the movies or something this weekend."

He then proceeded to stay home and watch football all weekend in his hotel room without even contacting me!

Then on Monday, he emails me that he was sorry about yesterday but he slept in and watched football games all day while resting "total relaxation" all day on his hotel bed.

What kind of mixed signals are these? Why would he apologize after blowing me off and then expect us to be friends? I didn't answer his reply from yesterday so that he could stew and wonder what was up because I didn't answer yet and I haven't chewed him out!

Should I give him the heave-ho completely?
Should we be friends?
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