Had the crush Of muy life, tha fuck do I do now?

I've always been kind of a loner, just me, my books, my thoughts and a few friends now and then. I had never really looked at any girl in an special way because I just didn't cared. This last year I've undergone lots of changes in my life and recently I met a girl who made my whole world tremble (is that phrase correct?). Right now we are just friends and I have no idea of how to make something happen. I wrote some poems thinking of her, reading/sending/showing them to her would be too straightforward? How should I start? What should I do? What do you think?

For girls with boyfriends: Do you remember how he started to flirt with you?

For guys with girlfriends: Do you remember how you started to flirt with her?
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English is my second language so there may be mistakes, please tell me if something is not well written and difficult to understand
Had the crush Of muy life, tha fuck do I do now?
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