Is she playing games with me? If so why?

This girl is married but I feel like she's playing games with me. She acts like she has a crush on me. We began this routine where she will follow me out to the breakroom or I will follow her and we will walk and talk together. We'll do this like almost every day one week then she'll disappear on me and go missing for a whike then come back. I'll call her out on it and she'll have some excuse. They transferred me down the hall and it she stopped Meeting me in the breakroom and instead we were arriving to work at he same time quite often meeting in the lobby and riding up the elevator together. Then she started doing the same thing. I email her "hey we used to arrive at the same time what happened?" She'll say "I know it's totally my fault, I've been coming in work later" which was not the because we had just talked in the hallway. What is this game or is it?
Is she playing games with me? If so why?
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