No matter what I do I can't get confident?

I can not for the death of me be confident and look or talk to the guy i like. Im pretty sure he likes me. He stares at me and trys to talk to me when he can (just briefly) and when he saw me at his game he smiled at me. (My sister went to the next game which i missed and she said he was looking around for me) when i walked past him and his friends in the hall they push him and screamed crush and stared at me. He doesn't talk to me to much and i wanted to change that and start the convo with him for once but i was too shy. Now i only have 5 days left with him in class before semester change. he's a grade ahead of me too.
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Thanks for Everyone who answered and helped, but i can't bring myself to do anything. I guess ill have to wait for a guy who will come to me and talk to me first till im comfortable to talk to him first.
No matter what I do I can't get confident?
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