Need a GUY's point of view.. what is going on?

I met this guy (26) last October through Tinder and he said he knew me (27) from where I work (restaurant). He had seen me a lot of times when he came to eat with his friends. So we went after 2 weeks of chatting daily (all day) for a first date. Then weeks later 2nd came up (after his exams). Now I understand that guys don't like txting all day so I gave him a rest with that. Almost two weeks ago we went for a 3th date and he gave me a kiss on my mouth when we left and waited for my bus to arrive. But sometimes we don't text for 5 days untill I text him how he is doing, he then replies quiet fast (he said he is learning for his exams which are in 1-2 weeks). When we meet we have nice conversations, and once when he was slightly drunk he told me he used to be a big flirter but that now he would like to have a serious relationship.

Sometimes I think he's not that interested, but on the other side I think he is just working hard for his future his study just needs a lot of time (all about maths) etc, he even left his job as a bartender for it. Maybe he doesn't know if I am really into him because I dont really call him names like baby or whatever. Just casual because I dont want to force someone and get to know them well before I decide to go into a realtionship.

I would really appreciate it if I could have a guys point of view in this. Many thanks!
Need a GUY's point of view.. what is going on?
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